Monaco Association for Financial Activities

Monaco Association for Financial Activities (AMAF) was founded by Sovereign Order more than fifty years ago. Its mission is to:


  • act as the professional body for authorized institutions conducting banking or financial activities in the Principality,
  • represent the Monegasque banking industry, particularly in relations with public authorities,
  • promote the sound development of Monaco's banking sector.


With nearly one hundred members, including banks, portfolio and mutual fund management companies, AMAF federates all of the market's financial institutions. It maintains an ongoing dialogue with employee representatives and key economic agents, and also serves as the main point of contact for the Monegasque authorities for all issues concerning banking and finance.


This role places AMAF at the center of discussions and implementation of the reforms needed for the development of Monaco's financial system.

The resulting proposals and ensuing dialogue between the public authorities and AMAF play a leading role in the continuing drive for excellence in Monaco's banking and financial industry.

AMAF intends to pursue and enhance actions already taken to internationalize and professionalize Monaco's financial marketplace, as international business will be a key – if not the key – source of growth for the Principality in the years ahead.